Risk Recap: The Hungry Games

Event Name: The Hungry Games

In one sentence, describe the event: Ever entertaining, learned a lot about Indy’s history

How would you describe your risk-taking personality or lack thereof?: I thought the students were very brave from going up on stage and competing for their charities. You could tell some of the competitors felt uncomfortable, but some of those ended up going very far in the competition. It was great to see dedication for a worthy cause.

But they never specifically addressed “risk”.

What was the most memorable and/or meaningful aspect of the event?: Seeing high school students dedicate their time and volunteer efforts for such great causes. It was nice to see them run around to gain more donations for their nonprofits.

What’s one thing you learned about risk that surprised you?: Risk can be conquered with teamwork and dedication.

Each year’s Spirit & Place Festival’s theme influences the next year’s theme. Through the lens of this year’s theme of “Risk,” what types of events do you anticipate for next year’s theme of “Journey”?: I could see events such as: how my journey of risky moves paid off… something along those lines.