Festival Seeks Bloggers

Are you good at storytelling? Here’s a fantastic opportunity for you to share your personal “play” story. The Spirit & Place Festival is looking for thoughtful guest bloggers who have a treasured story to share. Perhaps it’s a story about a childhood hideout, the impact of team sports, a memorable visit to GenCon, your uncle’s bathroom humor, your favorite game, your favorite playspace in Indy….the sky’s the limit.

With over 7,500 views in 2012 alone and over 800 views per month, our blog is a great platform for community conversations. So far this year, leading thinkers in the city, our Festival partners, and our staff have contributed amazing personal “play” stories enriching the dialogue around PLAY.

But now we want to hear from you. We are offering you a unique opportunity to flaunt your writing chops on our established platform, instantly boost your online visibility, and expand your social network just by sharing your “play” story with us.

Not sure how to write a blog post? Check out our Guest Blogging Guidelines to learn what it takes to write a fantastic post.

Please send your 400 word story and an image for consideration to Deeksha Kapoor (kapoord@iupui.edu) by Monday, October 22.