Only Human

by Daniel

I am only human. There’s nothing special. I’m just me. I have no super powers that allow me to fly faster than a speeding bullet, freeze time, or control the weather and storms with the power of my mind. I consist of bones, skin, muscles, blood and hair, to name a few things. I am very lucky as I have had faulty parts replaced and have a computer keeping my heart going and in sync with my body. I have a million dollar plus body and to the eye you would never consider it true. Scars and imperfections seem to dominate not only physical imperfections, but also mentally, emotionally, and even socially. I’m not a great catch or that good compared to many that I know and see. I am just me. I am only human.

Daniel B. is an inmate currently living at Plainfield Correctional Facility. He is a participant of Indiana Prison Writers Workshop. Once released, he plans to finish his sentence on house arrest and get back in touch with his church family.

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