Are you ready to Vote?

Did you know, The General Election is Tuesday, November 8? First-time voters and anyone who has moved or changed their name since the last election should update their registration by Tuesday, Oct. 11. This includes college students who have moved onto a campus and want to vote from that location rather than vote absentee-by-mail from their “home” address.

Visit a BMV branch, FSSA office, public library, or County Clerk’s office to register or update your voter registration. You can also check out to register, update, or confirm your voter registration status.

Out of town on Election Day? Can’t get away from work? Transportation issues? Confined to home? Overseas or in the militascreen-shot-2016-10-06-at-2-13-42-pmry?

That’s okay! There are many ways to vote early in Indiana.

You can download an absentee ballot application, send it in by October 31, and get a ballot mailed to your home.

  • You can contact your County Election Office to ask about in-person, early voting options.

  • You can contact your County Election Office if you are confined to home and request a bi-partisan “traveling board” come to you so you can vote.

    Besides the President of the United States, did you know the Governor’s race and several seats in the Indiana General Assembly will be on the ballot? Check out who is on your ballot – and confirm your polling location! – at

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