How Many Slaves Do you Have Working in Your Home?

My name is Rev. Libby Davis Manning, and I am a Lutheran pastor serving Christ the Savior Lutheran Church in Fishers. We are increasing the conversation around the horrors of Human Trafficking in our community of Indianapolis and our world, and are planning to host a Spirit and Place interactive event in 2018.


Until then, we invite you to go to this website and learn more about human trafficking in our community by taking an 11 question survey about your lifestyle:

Based on the responses you offer, the survey will create a number for you to indicate how many people are trafficked in the world to support your home and lifestyle,  and throughout the survey, you will be educated to make smarter consumer choices for your home.    After each question and answer, you will learn a bit about the commoditization of women and young girls and why certain products in your home support more human slavery than other products.

For example, do you wear cotton, drink coffee, or carry a smart phone?  Those three products are responsible for a tremendous amount of human trafficking in our world.   By learning about the products that drive the evil of human trafficking, you can make different consumer choices and decrease the demand for those products. Together, the choices we make for our home can change the lives for many.

Back to the original question.  When I took the survey, my number was 52.  52 people live in slavery because of the choices I make for my home.  And I don’t hang out in strip joints, and I’m not involved in the sex trade.  And that’s my point.  All of us are complicit in human trafficking because of the products we buy, which drive the demand.  And just as true, we can change the products we buy to decrease demand.  Because let’s be honest, even 1 is too many.

And I and others in our community are doing something about this.  We are consumers and we can leverage our purchases to end slavery. We want all Hoosiers to know their footprint, and to buy with freedom.  Go to and invite others to get educated too.  Then, I’ll see you at Spirit and Place Festival, because Home is a place where everyone should be free.


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