The Deep Connection Between Music and Place

By Erin Jeter

Spirit & Place Festival always has always chosen interesting and relatable themes – ones that tie to many different facets of our lives. And this year’s theme, HOME, is even more relevant to me than most, as I am a musician and feel a very deep connection between music and my sense of place. And I’ve somewhat recently dedicated myself to serving Indiana musicians through my job as Executive Director at Musical Family Tree. So for this post, I want to take the opportunity to discuss the importance of celebrating the amazing musicians in your home city.

Bloomington band, Brenda’s Friend, at Indy CD & Vinyl. Photo credit to Adan Orona.

Bloomington band, Brenda’s Friend, at Indy CD & Vinyl. Photo credit to Adan Orona.

For just about everyone, your childhood hometown is probably the most transformational place in your life. When you’re young, this is the first city in which you learn to make lifelong friends, discover the hobbies and interests that you pursue through adulthood and find a community of people who support you and who shape you. The very same goes for bands and the cities they start in. The relationships they make, the support they do or do not find, and the skills they develop early in their formation impact the entirety of their musical life-span. Every artist who has ever “made it” started somewhere where they were playing for small crowds of just their friends.

So, I challenge you go to a local show, listen to the radio or visit to find local musicians whose music you enjoy, and become a fan. And when I say fan, I mean buy their albums, follow them on social media, tell your friends, buy their merch, and go to their shows. Even just one artist. Because I promise you, when you begin dedicating even the smallest bit of energy into seeking out great local music, you’ll be inspired by and proud of the incredibly talented musicians who call this city home.

Musical Family Tree is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization with the mission of Spreading Indiana Music. By serving Indiana’s music communities, MFT aims to help build a more sustainable and world-recognized music scene in Indiana. We accomplish this by preserving, documenting, and promoting Indiana music, past and present.


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