Hoosier Home Cooking

A question we are exploring this year around the 2016 Spirit and Place Festival is “What does home mean to you?”

To us, one answer to that question is food!

New Orleans is known for beignets; Maine is famous for lobster; Texans love their barbeque.

So what is Indiana known for?

If you’re hungry in Indiana, tenderloin might come to mind. Perhaps a sugar cream pie or corn on the cob. Maybe it’s even more personal, such as the taste of your mom’s famous Christmas morning quiche; your grandpa’s mouthwatering grilled chicken on a warm summer night; a deep fried funnel cake at the state fair with your friends.


We challenge all Indiana residents to explore the theme of home and doing it with food certainly is a tasty way to do so. Check out one of the following orchards or farms to pick your own produce for some Hoosier home cooking:

Marion County

Growing Places Indy U-pick Farm

Driving Wind Blueberry Farm

Waterman’s Family Farm

Franklin County

Alpine Berry Farm

Hamilton County

Spencer Farm

Stuckey Farm Orchard and Cider Mill

Hancock County

Tuttle Orchards

Johnson County

The Apple Works

So whether it’s shopping local directly from a farmer listed above, trying a recipe from a neighbor or visiting a new local ethnic restaurant, open your mind – and your mouth – to food that ties us together and shapes our community.

Have any additional suggestions about where to buy Indiana produce? What recipes or dishes remind you of home? Please share with us!



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