Know the Flow

By Erin Kelley

The Spirit & Place application asks you to:

Describe the flow of your event. What will the audience actually experience from beginning to end? What will they see, hear, and do? What order will things occur? No dreamy language here! Give us the nuts & bolts details of how you envision your event actually working.

In 250 words, we want to know what the audience will actually and physically experience at your event.

We ask this for two reasons. One reason is to encourage you to thoughtfully consider, from the earliest stages, how you will create a welcoming and inclusive environment from the moment guests hit your door to the moment they leave. We also ask this question so that the Selection Committee can picture in their minds what will happen during your event compared to other events. This helps them curate a well-rounded festival filled with a variety of experiences.

ISO Event 072015-90

Here’s a good example from the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra’s 2015 application:

Flow: Following an introduction to the historic Hilbert Circle Theatre, participants will be divided into their self-designated groups: performers and audience members.  

Performers will be greeted by Metropolitan Youth Orchestra faculty and members of the MYO (ages 10 – 18) who will sit side-by-side with the participants. Each guest will receive a violin, viola or cello to play for the night. Our guests and their student helpers will take the stage to learn the basics of holding their instruments and playing a few key notes. Guests who are rusty but have played before will be given more advanced parts to match their appropriate skill levels and will receive additional instruction with an MYO faculty member during the rehearsal.

While the performers are on stage rehearsing, their guests will be in another part of the building getting behind-the-scenes insights into the world of professional music making. 

Following a one-hour rehearsal, all will reconvene in the concert hall as orchestra and audience for a performance of the Canon in D on the stage of Hilbert Circle Theatre. Professional violinist and MYO teacher Jesse Hawkins, will perform as soloist. 

In celebration, we will adjourn to the lobby for a toast and reception.

A tool you might use in helping you think through the event space and how it will be used is the “Venue Checklist” we created. Find it on our Partner’s Resource page.



Venue Checklist:

Partner’s Page:


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