NEW! 2016 Application Guidelines

By Erin Kelley

The application guidelines for the 2016 Spirit & Place Festival are ready and there are several new features to be aware of.

Special Preference

The festival will continue to give special preference to those events that are interdisciplinary (combining arts, religion, and humanities) and/or target youth, minority populations, religious groups, and other under-served populations. This year special preference will also be given to those events that demonstrate collaboration built on shared authority and/or creative input and design.


We’ve moved our application deadline back seven weeks to April 22 to give you more time to find collaborative partners, flesh out ideas, and draft your application.

Fee Structure
To encourage the participation of smaller organizations, congregations, and individual artists and musicians, Spirit & Place is implementing a sliding scale fee structure.

  • $100 for individual artists & musicians
  • $200 for organizations with operating budgets less than $100,000/yr
  • $400 for organizations with operating budgets more than $100,000/yr

Special Recognition
The festival application asks you to choose the characteristic that best exemplifies your event. If the Selection Committee agrees, not only will your (sliding) entry fee be halved, your event will be recognized during the festival through special mention in the Event Guide, signs, onstage mentions, web features, and more.

Award of Excellence
Three to five of the above mentioned special recognition events will be secretly evaluated during the festival. A $1,000 “Award of Excellence” will be announced at the closing event with the winning organization/artist receiving the prize.

LINKS: Application Guidelines:

About the Author


Erin Kelley is the Program Director for the Spirit & Place Festival. Erin oversees the annual festival by working with community partners and creates year-round programming opportunities for the public.


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