Spirit & Place Partners with Indiana Landmarks

By Pam Blevins Hinkle

pamIndiana Landmarks and Spirit & Place share a passion for the way that history, heritage, and architecture work together to build community and enhance our sense of place.

We are pleased to announce a year-long partnership with Indiana Landmarks in 2016. Spirit & Place will be hosting key meetings and events in the beautiful Indiana Landmarks Center on the Old Northside as we explore the layered meanings of HOME (our 2016 theme) in our individual and community life during Indiana’s bicentennial year.

Indiana Landmarks Center is located at 1201 N. Central Avenue in the renovated church formerly known as the Central Avenue United Methodist.  Founded in 1852, this congregation was active in the Social Gospel Movement in the early part of the 20th century, and was instrumental in founding Methodist Hospital and the Wheeler Mission.

Rescued and repurposed as Indiana Landmarks Center, the stunning complex opened in 2011 after three-year, $20 million renovation that turned the sanctuary into a theater, the Sunday school into Cook Theater, and the school and office wing into the nonprofit organization’ headquarters.ILC_ext_Apr30_13

This place—a space that has housed and nourished people of faith, community leaders, preservationists, artists and musicians, and more—will be our home-base in 2016.

I encourage you to check out the preservation initiatives of Indiana Landmarks, which range from African American Landmarks and Indiana Modern to Sacred Places. Or check out their historic sites which include three interesting homes in Cambridge City, Aurora, and Indianapolis.

If you’re interested in learning more about participating in the Spirit & Place Festival, visit our website or email us at festival@iupui.edu.



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