Celebrate DREAM! 20th Anniversary Signature Events

By Erin Kelley

Enjoy music and dance? We’ve got you covered.

Want to hear a dynamic lecture? Done.

Like interacting with artists? We’re happy to oblige.

Feel like engaging thoughtful leaders on tough issues of the day?  We’re doing that too.

This is what makes Spirit & Place great—it offers a little something for everyone. No set of offerings better demonstrates this than our 20th Anniversary Signature Events.

After 20 years of igniting creativity, inspiring place-making, and sparking connections to create a more civically aware and active community, we have put together a suite of events that truly reflect our community and its dreams.

  • This is NOT a Program asks you to tap into your creative and artistic side by delving into the subconscious and letting your imagination run wild at this surrealist-themed kickoff event. (Think Willie Wonka … but without the oompa loompa or potentially deadly candies.)
  • The Choreography of Dreams interprets the dreams—past, present, and future—of elders and turns them into dance performances by Dance Kaleidoscope that dispel stereotypes about aging.
  • Best-selling author David Brooks and Christian Theological Seminary president and professor of theology Matthew Myer Boulton will explore how we can strive to create the vibrant communities of our dreams in the SOLD OUT event, A Conversation with David Brooks.
  • Tackling the issues of poverty, hunger, race, and more our Full Circle Dreaming speakers represent the arts, religion, and humanities in unique and challenging ways. (And, hey, where else but Spirit & Place will you find a line-up that includes David Brooks AND Killer Mike?!)
  • Some of Central Indiana’s most thoughtful emerging leaders will discuss their dreams for the future at this year’s public conversation that even includes special guest remarks by Dan Wakefield—one of the original public conversationalists from 1996.

Honoring the past, but with our eyes on the future, this year’s festival dares to dream big and we hope you’ll come long for the ride!

About the Author



Erin Kelley is the Program Director for the Spirit & Place Festival. Erin oversees the annual festival by working with community partners and creates year-round programming opportunities for the public.


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