5 Reasons to Attend Spirit & Place’s Opening Event: This is NOT a Program

By Erin Kelley

  1. Mustaches
  2. Lobsters
  3. Dadaist poetry
  4. Experimental Music
  5. Inflatable Aliens

When I first learned Spirit & Place’s 2015 theme would be DREAM my thoughts went in two separate directions—one scientific and one surreal.

Dreams are mysterious and amazing things. My practical and inquisitive side is fascinated by why and how our brains process data and turn them into dreams. But my playful and occasionally impish side is even more fascinated by the bizarre and contradictory images of our dreams.

Even people who think they lack creativity have at some point dreamt of outlandish worlds. They’ve defied the laws of physics and flown like birds, raced cars upside down, and even danced through time and space in their dreams. We are all bubbling with creativity—the surrealism of our dreams proves it!

To kick-off this year’s festival we wanted to host an event that would welcome your dreamy and creative side to come out and play. Using games created by surrealist artists of the 1920s, we hope you’ll let go, get creatively weird, and simply enjoy the process of allowing the surreal to be real for a night.

Besides, you know you want to know how mustaches, lobsters, poetry, music, and inflatable aliens (not to mention Yats, Bazbeaux, and Sun King) will figure into this kick-off event!

Register here for our kick off event.

About the Author



Erin Kelley is the Program Director for the Spirit & Place Festival. Erin oversees the annual festival by working with community partners and creates year-round programming opportunities for the public.


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