[2015 DREAM Essay] Leaving it better than we found it

We are pleased to partner with WFYI to present a series of powerful essays on Spirit & Place Festival’s 20th anniversary theme, DREAM.

By John E. Waters

John E WatersJesus said, “Love your neighbor as yourself.” He also said “loving God” and “loving people” were the greatest commands found in the Bible. My dream is to love people, love God, and bless the nations on this earth.

Throughout history, humans have developed various means to extract, store, and release forms of energy that power our lives. Since the industrial age, we have extracted limited resources out of the earth, like oil, coal, natural gas, and have converted into useable forms of energy, like the electron.

Unfortunately, the energy extraction and conversion process is massive, inefficient, requires billions of dollars; produces harmful emissions, energy de-pendence, and homeland in-security.

Since its discovery, the electron has become the most efficient form of energy available as it can easily power our homes and cars. But, only large, developed countries have capabilities to extract, transport, and convert our planet’s resources into useable forms of energy.

By leaving our planet better than we found it, I believe I can fulfill my dream of loving people, loving God, blessing our neighborhoods, and nations, on the earth.

Let’s meet some of our neighbors, Mathios and Fatimah. Mathios would love to have clean power to farm for his family and light his nights. Fatimah could use electrons to power a water pump or an electric cart to transport goods. Mathios and Fatimah, and over a billion like them, currently spend their money on non-sustainable energy, like wood and kerosene.

Over the past 20 years, several billion dollars have been invested into Lithium-ion batteries by the automotive industry. Lithium batteries are now being safely used in cars worldwide and I have been privileged to be one of the pioneers in this electron-storage technology.

My invention can effortlessly store electrons converted from a solar panel, and clean energy be readily used by Mathios and Fatimah to power all their home and mobility needs. And they can independently power their lives anywhere the sun shines on planet earth (for God’s infrastructure has no restriction!).

Mathios and Fatimah can now purchase clean, quiet electrical energy instead of dirty and noisy fuels burdened with endless maintenance expenses. Isn’t it time we truly “loved our neighbors”, like Mathios and Fatimah, and the 1.5 billion like them?

By leaving our planet better than we found it, I believe I can fulfill my dream of loving people, loving God, blessing our neighborhoods, and nations, on the earth.

To listen to this essay click here!

About the author

John E. Waters is the president of Leave It Better Than We Found It, LLC.


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