How a Buckeye became a Hoosier

By Katie Wenclewicz

Throughout my years at Anderson University, I believe that I studied under one of the best professors in the world. With her experience in public relations and interactive lessons in the classroom, she was always a source of encouragement, despite me showing up to class late a time or two.

As I began studying public relations and thinking of a future, I had no idea how competitive the communications community was in Indianapolis. It was overwhelming at times. I remember telling my professor that I was going to go after agency opportunities, which is very rare for public relations students. Many don’t find the fast-paced environment something that they want to be a part of.

“Never let someone talk down about your dreams, but show them how they will eventually become your reality.”

I began looking for opportunities, networked my tail off, and spent over a hundred dollars on coffee dates with professionals. I told my parents my sophomore year that I was going to live in Indianapolis after graduation. My mom couldn’t believe I wasn’t going to come home after graduation, but she had two years to convince me otherwise.

After a few internship opportunities, I graduated with confidence and possessed a faith that God was in control of my future, not me.

My journey was never easy though. I had people tell me I would never receive my dream job after graduation. Essentially, the haters were out there and they were dogging on me. In my own words, “They were trying to dull my sparkle.”

Throughout the time of criticism, I knew that my God was bigger and my purpose in Indianapolis would be exposed in time. I was waiting for my moment.

After graduation I had a special phone call with the CEO of Bohlsen Group, where I had interned previously. We had a conversation and through that, I later had the opportunity to interview and was hired.

Now, here I am, working in a public relations agency living out my dream. If it weren’t for the people in my life such as my professor, parents, and my Savior – I wouldn’t be where I am today.

I’ll always be a Buckeye, but the Hoosier state is providing opportunities for me to be who I want to be and I couldn’t be more thankful. You should never say “if,” but rather “when.” Never let someone talk down about your dreams, but show them how they will eventually become your reality.

About the author

Aside from stalking the latest fashion trends and blogging about the best shoes to buy, Katie Wenclewicz enjoys everything and anything media relations. Katie graduated from Anderson University with a bachelor’s degree in public relations and marketing. Currently residing in Indianapolis, Katie is a publicist at Bohlsen Group.  From heading national campaigns to staying active in the Hoosier PRSA chapter and volunteering at her church, Katie is constantly pouring herself to better the city. Connect with Katie on Twitter, LinkedIn or read her personal blog.


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