Water Heater to Wall Art

By Casey Maish

My water heater leaked.  It was just a tiny bit of water on the hallway rug.  Being optimists, my husband and I thought it was a fluke – nothing to worry about.

“I have a Green Dream! And I am excited about it! It started in 2008 as a learning opportunity at my local library.”

It happened again!  This time it produced a larger amount of water and soaked the hallway floor, as if telling us that we needed to wake up from our unrealistic dream and pay attention.  The water heater was speaking to us and we listened.  The linen closet was quickly emptied.  Towels of all colors were thrown on the floor like a rainbow in distress.  The insurance company was called and one thing led to another — drying fans, dust, questions, estimators, contractors, quotes.  My head was spinning.  It was a moment of disbelief, yet a hint of enlightenment.  We were about to get a new floor!

My husband started pulling up the parquet floor with a crowbar, hammer and chisel, the shopvac was brought into the project and our cat was annoyed!  Blankets became carpets and black tape marked sections.  I wanted to save the floor!  For repurposing, of course!  That’s what I do.

I have a Green Dream! And I am excited about it!  It started in 2008 as a learning opportunity at my local library.  Then it became something I was more aware of…and started to live…and then promote to others. I had a newly informed desire that I was looking to explore.

Come, join me at the Spirit & Place Festival this November and Dream Green at the Do It Again Recycled Art Market on Sat., Nov. 7 from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. This interactive event will offer an educational art fair experience to encourage conservation of natural resources and use of sustainable materials in creative art-making.

Not sure how YOU can DREAM GREEN with me at the event? Here are THREE fun ways:

  1. Be inspired and spark your creativity to design a personal “masterpiece” using my actual parquet floor! (and many other random household items.)
  2. Admire and bid on DREAM-themed rain barrels creatively hand painted by local artists.
  3. Shop for unique, one-of-a-kind gifts made from reused, repurposed or recycled materials.

Maybe you’ll become inspired to turn your water heater into wall art!  I’m going to start dreaming about what to do with my cabinets.

To learn more about the event and to register, click here.


Casey is a community volunteer with the Zionsville Cultural District.  In her free time she enjoys organizing parties and events, unwinding with her husband and cat “Pokey”, staying up to date with friends and family on Facebook and watching sports.

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