Abbey MacPherson-StolenBy Abbey MacPherson-Stolen

When my parents asked me if it was okay to take part in the court case that would be suing the State of Indiana, I was shocked. First I couldn’t believe that we were asked to take part in such a huge event, but then I was so excited and couldn’t wait to help out.

“People often ask what it’s like growing up with two dads.”

People often ask what it’s like growing up with two dads. In fact, it’s probably the most common question I get. Having no other experience to compare it to, I often find myself at a loss of words. I mean, it’s not like we have a nightly gossip circle around a bowl of popcorn right before we go to bed about the make-up of our family. We honestly do the typical, boring things that every other family does.

So, here we are, a normal family taking part in suing the State of Indiana for equal protection rights. I went with our group of plaintiffs up to the 7th Circuit court in Chicago in August. It was really fun. They asked me to speak in front of the crowd when we went to the rally. I honestly don’t remember what I said, just that I tried my best not to mess up in front of the huge crowd of people, especially when there’re TV cameras in the back.

Some people are proud of me for what I’m doing, saying that it takes a certain amount of courage to go up in front of the world and share my story with them. What I’ve learned about myself is that it doesn’t. I’m just doing what I would hope others would do in my position. In this case, I have a chance to help so I’m going to take it.

“I’m glad that other children won’t have to grow up in that mix of confusion and anger.”

The ruling of the courts won’t make too much of a difference in my family because we know who we are and are comfortable with our lives. I have learned and truly believe this is way more important to others and the other same-sex families with children. I know what it’s like growing up and the confusion of not having your family recognized by your home state. It was really confusing for me when I was younger and I just didn’t understand. I’m glad that other children won’t have to grow up in that mix of confusion and anger. That is the main reason I’m glad to be a part of this court case and why I strive to make a difference.

Abbey MacPherson-Stolen is a student at University High School.


3 thoughts on “Journey

  1. Well said, Abbey! What a great opportunity to make a difference and it shows your character that you made the most of it. Great speech 🙂

  2. Thank you Abbey for being our spokeswoman at the rally. What a wonderful , empowering , joyful experience we have shared being part of our plaintiff family . It has been a journey to last a lifetime. Harriet and Monica

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