Play’s the thing


By Bernie DeKoven

“The play’s the thing,” says Hamlet, “Wherein I’ll catch the conscious of the king.”

“Play’s the Thing,” (without the “the”) on the other hand, is the name of a, well, play. A very playful play. About playfulness itself. So it’s not really play that’s the thing, but playful play.” Think of it as a playful play in which everyone plays, playfully.

The actors are very playful people in deed – all members of CSz Players. They’ll be playing, all right. Games. Playful games. Playful actors playing playful games playfully. Then there’s the storyteller who’ll be telling stories, also playfully, about playfulness.

The stories, which are taken from storyteller Bernie DeKoven’s books and websites, are all about pursuing whatever journey you are on, in whatever stage you find yourself, playfully.

The two experiences, the games and the stories, augment each other, giving each more depth and more relevance. The goal is to help you remind yourself of your capacity for playfulness, and how you can use it to build a better life, a better community, better health, richer spirit, deeper truth.

Bernie has been teaching playfulness for over 40 years. He was one of the co-directors of The New Games Foundation. His two most recent publications are The Well-Played Game, and A Playful Path

The first theatrical performance will take place, more or less coincidentally, Nov. 16 at 1 p.m. at Comedy Sportz Indianapolis.

You are so invited to be part of the fun: fun that you’ll be sharing with the actors, with the audience, and, ultimately, with everyone who is lucky enough to meet you.

You’ll find Bernie’s websites here:

A Playful Path
Deep Fun


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