My Journey

Erika Kind

Erika Kind

By Erika Kind

For a long time I was dissatisfied with living here in Liechtenstein. I did not feel comfortable. I always dreamed about living somewhere in the US, preferably near the ocean. Eventually, I was lucky enough to be able to spend a year in the states in the suburban of Buffalo with my young family. It was the best year in my life. I was far away from my surrounding and felt free for the first time in my life. My family was undisturbed by any relatives telling us what to do, how to plan our lives or how to raise our children.  To me, America represented the land of liberty.

“It is not about the place or even your arrival. It is about the journey and your experiences you have before you arrive at the place!”

However, the year went by and we had to move back to Liechtenstein again. Back in old unwanted situations in an unwanted area – back in our small country where everybody knows everybody or at least it feels like it. I was struggling with being back for a long time, but after a few years I discovered California. I fell in love with SoCal instantly. Here I not only had the American way of life, but also the warm climate and the ocean. It felt like paradise to me and I have travelled there several times. Once again, I had the desire to live there in a beautiful house above the ocean.

During that time I went into a personal and a marriage crisis. For six months, while my husband and I worked through that crisis, I was also undergoing a huge transformation process. I discovered myself and life in a whole new way. It was so insightful that I even started to write a book of liberation. My own life turned out to a pot of countless examples. At the end of those six months I stood at the beginning again, free to start over. I began to reinvent my life with everything I had learned. I freed myself from the belief that I have to bow to other people’s wishes. I even ended up going to California, which turned out to my spiritual fuel station for insights and inspiration.

One day sitting in my big and beautiful garden in Liechtenstein I looked out into the blue sky, listened to the birds’ twittering, watched the bees and butterflies surrounding my lavender bushes, looked towards the mountains and realized (probably for the first time in my life) the gift I was given. All of a sudden I understood that I never ever could have been happy in California without first discovering my happiness within. Now, I am happy wherever I am because I am happy with the person I am with from birth to death. I don’t need to limit myself to one place since I can have it all.

It is not about the place or even your arrival. It is about the journey and your experiences you have before you arrive at the place! The happiest place to be is always with you, since it is part of yourself!

In Love and Light.

About the author

Erika has a practice for aromatherapy and self-development and also works as a singer. She was born in Vienna, Austria, in 1970. Today she lives with her husband and their three children in the Principality of Liechtenstein in the heart of Europe. “I’m Free” has been published in German and Kind is the author of a poetry book with the German title “Wie das Leben schreibt…”


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