Plan 2020: Charting a Vision for the Future of Indianapolis

GIPC_Indy-2020-Logo_2-ColorBy Alex Miser

Journey is a very prevalent theme in Plan 2020, the Bicentennial plan for Indianapolis. The plan defines a new approach to planning in Indianapolis, meshing community vision, values and strategy with an unprecedented, coordinated update to core city government plans. Plan 2020’s mission is to make Indianapolis a better place to live, work and visit.

While Plan 2020 is focused on the future of Indy, it’s important to understand the journey that got our city to this point. One of the defining stops on our journey was UniGov, the merging of many aspects of City and County government in recognition of the need to coordinate growth and insure long-term prosperity for the region. UniGov was done at a time when cities nationally were struggling with population and economic losses. Subsequently, Indy grew while many of its peer cities declined. This was a result of Indianapolis converting areas that might have been suburbs in other cities to part of the City of Indianapolis.

UniGov bought Indy 40 years of growth by expanding the city’s borders. We have finally caught up to that growth and we can no longer expand by adding land. We have to grow by adding people. Plan 2020 will be our roadmap for attracting new residents and improving the city to reflect the values of current residents.

“The home for Plan 2020 has undergone a unique journey of its own. Plan 2020 is based in old City Hall, which has been brought back to life as The Hall.”

At the heart of Plan 2020’s mission is understanding what type of city residents want Indianapolis to become. To answer this question we have asked the community two primary questions: “What do you value?” and “What do you wish Indianapolis valued?” These questions are check points along our planning journey to ensure that we are crafting a future that aligns with the needs and values of residents. You can join the conversation by visiting our MindMixer page, which helps inform our team about ways to forge a compelling future for Indianapolis.

The home for Plan 2020 has undergone a unique journey of its own. Plan 2020 is based in old City Hall, which has been brought back to life as The Hall.

The Hall is the planning hub for Plan 2020. It’s where ideas connect. The Hall serves as an urban think tank and hub for the city’s new strategic plan and other community-based planning in the City. The Hall is one of Plan 2020’s engagement vehicles, helping to produce collaboration and discussion among Indianapolis residents. The Hall hosts non-traditional public meetings, forums, events and activities to spur innovative thinking about the future of Indianapolis.

Alex Miser helps the Plan 2020 team craft and share their story with the community, and is in charge of operating and programming for The Hall, the home for the Plan 2020 initiative. He is a life-long Hoosier and is passionate about helping Indianapolis develop neighborhoods and communities that people are proud to call home.

Join us in 2014 as we celebrate the theme of “JOURNEY” during the annual Spirit & Place Festival, November 7-16.


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