Your people matter most

By Randy and Angie Stocklinf%20+%20i%20Founders_Randy%20+%20Angie%20Stocklin

Our journey began in 2005, in our 10-by-12 foot Greenwood home office. With a shared passion for trying new things, an entrepreneurial spirit and a strong set of core values, we launched an ecommerce business that, over the next few years, would dabble in a little bit of everything — like sending Santa letters to children and selling fashion accessories, cloth diapers and socks.

By 2008, we had both quit our full-time jobs and committed our lives fully (days, nights, weekends) to our business — One Click Ventures. Expansion quickly followed, which entailed moving into several larger spaces, owning a portfolio of nine consumer-facing brands and employing a team of 65+. And, in 2013, we decided to begin a new leg of our journey — one that will forever change the business and set the team up for unprecedented growth.

“Whether your people are team members, customers, friends or others, they are your most valuable assets and can help take your journey to places you never knew existed.”

Journey 2.0, if you will, involves a new strategic focus for One Click’s portfolio: To build nationally recognized consumer eyewear brands through differentiated customer experiences. From lessons learned with and, we’ve built, from scratch, a new online prescription eyewear brand called felix + iris — which by the way, launched Sept. 16!

What’s most exciting about felix + iris, perhaps, is that our team has set out to solve a huge problem: It’s difficult to find the right fit in eyewear online — a pair of glasses that looks great, feels comfortable on your face and meets your vision needs. felix + iris is committed to solving this seemingly unsolvable problem by using a combination of proprietary technology, data, and personalization. We truly believe felix + iris will change the way people buy glasses (for the better).

Throughout our journey to felix + iris, we’ve learned more about eyewear than we ever imagined. More importantly, though, we’ve learned the importance of collaboration, teamwork and having a little fun along the way. If we had to share one tidbit of advice to others who are starting a new journey, we’d say this — Remember, “your people” matter most. Whether your people are team members, customers, friends or others, they are your most valuable assets and can help take your journey to places you never knew existed. Invest in them. Care too much. Encourage them to grow.

We could not be more excited to share our story with the Spirit & Place community, and we hope you join us on our incredible new journey!

Join us in 2014 as we celebrate the theme of “JOURNEY” during the Spirit & Place Festival, November 7-16.

Randy and Angie Stocklin are the co-founders of One Click Ventures in Greenwood, Ind.



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