No Longer Naptown

Soldiers & Sailors Monument Photo courtesy: Visit Indy

Soldiers & Sailors Monument
Photo courtesy: Visit Indy

by Christine Zetzl

For years Indy has been trying to decide what hat to wear – note how we’ve been fighting the love-hate “Naptown” nickname for decades.

But something new is brewing in our city. (And I’m not just talking about the 12+ new breweries to open in 2014!).

Sure, we do sports better than anyone. We’ve pulled off Olympic Trials, B1G Ten Championships and a Super Bowl. Hell, each May we host the world’s largest single-day sport event, the Indy 500.

Yet Indy excels at more than just sports, and we’re on a journey to find our identity.

Just this year, Indy welcomed a bikeshare program, the world’s largest all-electric car sharing program, and the first new downtown grocery store in nearly 30 years. This progress is clearly reflected in a huge spike of residents moving to our city’s core. Over the past four years, the number of residential apartments increased more than 30 percent, while rentals are in historically high demand (Indianapolis Downtown, Inc., & Urban Initiatives, 2013).

And with people, comes personality.

Our food scene has evolved from chain city to a launching pad for everything artisanal (I’m looking at you, bacon marshmallows). Alternative transportation options have caught on (though I’m not sure the Handlebar counts as “transportation”, we’ll allow it). And a culture of Indypride has exploded like never before.

In my short time living the “adult life” in Indy, I’ve noticed change for the better. “Naptown” only exists in our rearview mirror, and I’m excited to be along for the journey.

Christine Zetzl is the Digital Marketing Coordinator at Visit Indy. Born and raised in Indianapolis, Christine enjoys cycling, coffee, traveling and all things Indy. Follow her latest adventure on Twitter: @christinezetzl.

Join us in 2014 as we celebrate the theme of “JOURNEY” during the Spirit & Place Festival, November 7-16.

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