Reflections on JOURNEY

By Spirit & Place

Spirit & Place Festival’s 2014 theme, JOURNEY, explores the ways in which we move and our reasons for doing so. The journey between “here” and “there” is filled with movement and meaning. How is this movement shaping—and being shaped by— identity, spirituality, public policy, and civic life? From the instruments of mobility in all its forms (education, money, waterways, trails, bus lines, bike lanes, policies, etc.), to the reasons (quality of life, self-expression, community development, health, persecution, pilgrimage, etc.), JOURNEY will explore the dynamic passages of peoples and places.

Many Hoosiers embark on spiritual journeys that can be both internal experiences and physical pilgrimages. Physicians innovate in the field of palliative care, exploring ways to end the journey of life in a way that is dignified, strong, and supported. Artists create works that transport others to a different time or place.

Yet even as we are inspired to travel spiritually, physically, and emotionally—both individually and together—we must strive to understand our methods, motives and directions. What expressions are we using as we journey? What holds us back from embarking on a journey? What places exist to encourage journey? Who or what do we take with us as we move toward or away from places spiritually, emotionally, or physically? How do we encourage and create opportunity for personal and collective movement?

We’ll delve-deep into our theme and explore answers to these intriguing questions year-round on our digital platforms and through dozens of “never-seen-before” programs at our 10-day long festival.

Join us this November to witness audacious performances, exhibits, thoughtful discussions, hands-on workshops, and other engaging programs that explore how our JOURNEY shapes our life.


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