Risk Recap: The Puzzling History of Will Shortz

Event name: The Puzzling History of Will Shortz

willIn one sentence, describe the event.: Puzzle-making behind the scenes

How would you describe your risk-taking personality or lack thereof?: My risk-taking personality ebbs and flows — Sometimes I feel I take risks much more than others around me; other times I feel like a scaredy cat. Lately I feel like more of a risk taker. 🙂

What was the most memorable and/or meaningful aspect of the event?: The audience interaction was so awesome at this event! It was a sold-out, standing room only crowd, and The New York Times puzzle-maker Will Shortz involved the entire audience in word games and puzzles, splitting them into teams. Perhaps most memorable was when an 11-year-old girl solved a 25-word puzzle with only one letter!

What’s one thing you learned about risk that surprised you?: I was further enlightened to the fact that the notion of “risk” and “risky” things differs for everyone.

Each year’s Spirit & Place theme influences the next year’s theme. Through the lens of this year’s theme of “Risk,” what types of events do you anticipate for next year’s theme of “Journey”?: I anticipate events that highlight the actual “journeys” — the ups and downs, obstacles and achievements – of both well known and everyday risk takers. Taking risk is one thing, but observing where it takes you, whether it’s months or years later, is what makes things interesting.

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