So That’s the Way I Should Bend!

So That’s the Way I Should Bend! By National Art Museum of Sport

Celebrating the body in action–the body of an athlete–was one of the inspirations for founding the National Art Museum of Sport (NAMOS) in 1959. It can be seen in the paintings and sculptures in the museum (located in University Place on the IUPUI campus). Even when a racquet player is standing perfectly still, one can see the ripple of muscles under his white tennis sweater. 

Museum visitors can mentally take stock when viewing a successful baseball batter, golf putter, or distance runner: Is that the posture I should have? Is that the way to turn my shoulders when I swing a golf club?  Is that the way I should throw a soccer ball? Throw-in of a soccer ball is the theme of Jessica Kovan’s painting in NAMOS’ current exhibit of work from its “Commitment to Excellence in Art and Sport: A Fine Art Competition.”

Artists and photographers will have a chance to capture the moves of athletes–young and old, skilled and amateurs–Friday, November 4, 2011, from 6 to 9 p.m. at the Harrison Center for the Arts during First Friday with Spirit & Place. The resulting drawings and photos will be exhibited at NAMOS.

Do you want to have an artist record your golf swing or bowling throw? Then volunteer to Elizabeth Varner, You must be 18 or older. She’ll add you to list and give you the details of your three 10-minute posing sessions during the evening.


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