Partners for Life: Mind, Body and Soul

Partners for Life: Mind, Body and Soul By Michael Saahir, Imam, Nur-Allah Islamic Center

The Holy Qur’an, chapter 23: verses 12-14 states, “Man We did create from a quintessence (of clay); Then We placed him as (a drop of) sperm in a place of rest, firmly fixed; Then We made the sperm into a clot of congealed blood; then of that clot We made a (fetus) lump; then we made out of that lump bones and clothed the bones with flesh; then we developed out of it another creature. So blessed be Allah, the best to create!”

The body of the human being is a marvelous instrument that partners with the mind and soul to serve as an external expression and demonstration of what we think and feel internally. The same is true for the body of humanity. Every one can be a partner. Working together we can mentally and spiritually stimulate one another as we collectively aspire to reach the destiny our Creator has ordained for us all–human excellence. And as the mind, body, and soul are interdependent, we too need each other–no exclusions allowed.

The human soul–so full of inspirations and constantly seeking to achieve its destiny–is often aided by her partner for life, the body. And the human mind is full of thoughts, ideas, and imaginations that can’t be expressed until he unites with his partner for life, the body. The mind and soul internally makes us tick with potentials for freedom. However, without the body to express the energy our minds and souls produce, we are enslaved internally–lost and lonely, unable to communicate to others our love, our passions, our rhyme and reason.

The body stands erect, upright, with eyes, nose, hands, and toes all pointing forward. A message that says, “Progress forward, not backwards.” Therefore, when the soul inspires the artist, the hands of the body go forward. And when the mind conceptualizes great thoughts, our lips release words from the body that go forward. What a wonderful partnership of unity, a blessed sign for humanity.

Yes, all three are sacred, but the body knows it must faithfully serve the mind and soul diligently waiting for their next command. As you read or listen to these words perhaps your mind and soul will be motivated, causing your faithful servant, the body, to jump for joy, or just smile a grin that says, “hey, I like that!” But without the body, our mind would be at its “wit’s end,” unable to communicate to others. And our soul’s feelings might be hurt because without the body, it would be without a means of expression.

We must take special care of the body, making it feel good and refreshed. We must exercise the body, keeping it in fit condition so that our total being will smile as Partners for Life—Mind, Body and Soul.


8 thoughts on “Partners for Life: Mind, Body and Soul

  1. Very well stated. And that the body is a mechanism for expression is beautiful. I love how you point that out. Through our everyday movement, to forms of dance and exercise, we share our energy and essence.

  2. Thank you Jennifer. I really appreciate your supporting comments. I’m glad that Spirit & Place chose the theme THE BODY. It allows people from very many walks of life to share their thoughts with others. I like your “we share our energy and essence,” comments. Thanks!

  3. As-Salaam-u alaikum! (May The Peace, from The Deity of (The) Peace that goes beyond all understanding be on you!)

    Very well stated, Bro. Imam.

  4. Thank you Imam Mikal. Yes indeed your words immediately uplifted my heart and mind to remind and motivate my body to reaffirm its unity to G-D, itself and to others. I thank G-D for you and all the good that you do. Peace and Blessings!

    • Thank you Sister Linda. You too are uplifting to me and many others. The unity of the human person — mind, body and soul — is indeed a blessing from our Creator!

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