Mirror, Mirror, I’m OK with what I See

Mirror, Mirror, I’m OK with what I See

By Yolanda White, Account Manager, Borshoff

One of my must-read columns in More magazine is, “This is What (40-something) Looks Like.”

This spotlight on well-known and everyday women is a personal reflection on career, family, lessons learned, beauty and the often-dreaded subject of body image.

Responses about the changes that occur in women’s bodies during their 40s are, at times, funny and always refreshingly honest. I’ve discovered that there is one common denominator among the stories I read, and that is acceptance.

That makes me think about something my grandmother would say in her later years when she couldn’t quite remember the grandchild’s name she was staring directly in the eyes or when her walk slowed and she couldn’t stand in front of the stove as long as she used to preparing one of her famous Southern meals.

“Just keep on living,” she would say.

These days, I find myself reflecting on my own personal journey toward maturing and accepting the body I have. My conclusion: When I look in the mirror, I’m OK with what I see.

Sure, I’m visiting my hair stylist more frequently for color treatments to cover the strands of gray invading my hairline.

I like wearing heels, but after walking from meeting-to-meeting, my feet hurt. That’s new for me. What’s also new is I don’t have a problem changing into the pair of flats I keep in my office.

I’m finally hearing what my doctor has told me for years, and that is there’s no quick-and-easy way to shed those extra pounds. I actually have to get up and get moving!

I’m as tall as I’m going to be. At nearly 6-feet-tall, my ‘tween son towers me, and I’m certain I’ll never have enough energy to keep up with my rambunctious second grader.

I accept these life situations and the impact they will have on my body as I age because my grandmother prepared me for what’s to come. So, I’m just going to keep on living.

“The Body” is the theme of this year’s Spirit & Place Festival, Nov. 4-13. Organizers have launched a cool feature, BodyBlubs, where you can share your personal account about the body.

What’s your story?


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