Recipe for one happy mother!

Recipe for one happy mother!

By Melanie Williams, BohlsenPR intern

Last Sunday, Nov. 7, I took my two girls to the Eiteljorg Museum of American Indians and Western Art. I had recently visited this museum with a friend and loved the hands-on activities for children. Little did I know we were in for a special treat that day!

Frybread Cook-Off in the courtyard, the paper said. “What is frybread?” I thought. I didn’t know, but didn’t think too much of it either. When you have children you are always looking for free food—educational free food, even better!

As we walked into the courtyard on that beautiful fall day, we saw tables set up in a circle—each one was topped with samples of their very own frybread along with a sign displaying the name of the team who created this delectable treat!

My girls and I walked around the circle, sampling the different types of frybread and acting as though we were long-time frybread connoisseurs. The first table we stopped at I bit into a warm golden brown nugget on a toothpick. “Not too dry, not too moist—perfect consistency!” I thought to myself. My 6-year-old daughter was not so impressed, she handed me her nugget and said “yuck.” We slowly moved on to the next table, looked down at a plate and found what looked like the crumbs or leftovers of what might have been some kind of bread at some point. Now it just looked like something that had been under the heating lamp too long in the deli. “I’ll pass,” I thought to myself and we moved on.

After sampling a few more, we heard the announcer say the results were in for the winner of the Frybread Cook-Off. “And the People’s Choice Award goes to Purdue University,” he said. Cheering, screaming and applauding immediately followed. He explained to us that the other award, the Judge’s Choice Award, was based on specific criteria, such as: color, texture, and taste and is awarded points accordingly. “And the winner is—Purdue University!” Again, applause and excitement followed. Purdue received 46 points, where the other contestants received 41.

“Wow,” I told my girls, “we must try this Purdue frybread!” We quickly walked to the winner’s table where my 13-year-old daughter was given one of the last three pieces in the basket. Not wanting to be selfish or wasteful, I told the lady that we would share it. Two minutes later, my daughters and I were caressing the airy, warm, golden brown piece of bread with honey and powdered sugar and fighting over the last bite! It was obvious who the winner was in our book—Go BOILERMAKERS!


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