Michael Pollan: Food awareness is key

Michael Pollan: Food awareness is key

By Aimee Morgan, BohlsenPR

On Friday, our president (Vicki Bohlsen) and I attended the Michael Pollan event. While I’d done some research on Pollan, I wasn’t sure what to expect from Barbara Lewis’ interview of him.

We were in for a treat.

Pollan shared a wealth of health and food information – but I’d just light to share a few highlights that I continue to roll around in my mind and discuss with my husband, now three day later.

Context of corn
Pollan’s interest in food began in his late 20’s as he learned how to grow vegetables with his grandfather. He pointed out that so much of our food is based on corn – and that much of our food system is hidden from us. Corn has been heavily subsidized by the government and even used to create the dreaded high fructose corn syrup. To make his point, he held up a tub of Cool Whip, describing it as a “miraculous transfiguration of corn.”

Our food makes us fat.
Pollan said that our poor eating is making us fat. Since the 80s the average weight of a man has increased 17 pounds, while women have increased by an average of 19 pounds. (“Sorry ladies,” says Pollan.)

To combat weight gain and other political/moral issues, some resort to vegetarianism. However, I learned that there’s a middle ground: you can become a flexitarian. It’s a person who only eats meat a couple times per week, whereas the average American eats 300 pounds of meat per year. Any flexitarians out there?

Let’s do our part.
In conclusion, Pollan outlined a few things we can do to improve our relationship with food:

1.     Be conscious about our food choices. Eat with awareness.

2.     Shine light on resources around. We have great soil in Indiana.

3.     Support farmers markets. They advance our health and protect our soil.

4.     Help figure out ways to make good, nutritious food accessible to the poor.

I walked away from the event feeling refreshed, informed and empowered to make wise decisions. Pollan blessed us with his easy-going, approachable methods of making good food choices simple for the everyday man and woman. Learn more about him at www.michaelpollan.com.

Bon appétit!


2 thoughts on “Michael Pollan: Food awareness is key

  1. My roommates and I have become flexitarians. We do not focus on meat as a staple through the week. Instead we focus on fresh vegetables. We also regularly stock the fridge with greek yogurt and hummus. It’s nice to not feel so dependent on meat, and I think it’s a better balance.

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