Vienna Vegetable Orchestra fun

Vienna Vegetable Orchestra fun

By Leah Austin, attendee of the Vienna Vegetable Orchestra performance

Gourd-geous isn’t the word for it!  We met at my house and drove to the concert hall at the IMA. It was filling up quickly, so I said, “Lettuce go in and get seats.” It’s a good thing you didn’t turnip to go with us; the place was salad out. We were packed in like peas in a  pod; in fact, we almost got squashed.

The performance was a must for anyone who might carrot all for good music. It was a real pepper upper. Even the most parsnippety people loved the beet of the music, which was created with many different types of veggies, all overflowing in baskets next to the performers.

The musicians were very corn-fident about their instruments, but pearly dressed. One leek at them, and I thought, “They can’t get much of a celery.” Nonetheless, they were very personable, given to  telling radishulous jokes that were only parsley funny.


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