By Gail Thomas Strong, Director of Outreach and Learning Services, WFYI

Hospitality is one of those lessons we learn before kindergarten, often understood as sharing what we have with others. As Hoosiers, we take pride in our hospitality and market it as something we are uniquely equipped to offer. Hospitality takes many forms, but we offer it with open hearts and caring hands. The 2010 Spirited Chase will enable us to explore and celebrate those gifts.

Begin your celebration of hospitality by sharing a tale of the holiday that symbolizes food and a generous table like no other: Thanksgiving. Each of us has memories of these feasts – dropping a turkey, sitting at the kids’ table, serving a meal to neighbors, or being away from home. Share those stories with us at Also, be sure to check out the stories already posted. When you read them you’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you’ll enjoy realizing that each family has spectacular Thanksgiving lore. As we get close to Thanksgiving, Lynn Rossetto Kasper of The Splendid Table will select her five favorites. We’ll invite you into our studio to record these and play them on Thanksgiving Day along with Lynn’s Turkey Confidential show for our WFYI audience. She’ll have her own turkey triage and Thanksgiving stories to share, too.

WFYI also hopes you will join us on November 13 for the 2010 Spirited Chase, a chance to explore at least four mystery destinations around Indy that are noted for hospitality. Curious? Gather a team in your car or on bikes and register on line. We’ll begin your day with a launch party, divide you into teams and present you with top-secret destination envelopes along the way. You’ll end the day with another party. We suspect you’ll have some tasty treats along your path, have some extraordinary experiences, and be inspired as well. Visit for event details.


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